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Since I started with the Master Key System in 2007, I’ve been recording videos about numerous subjects revolving around this course/teaching. Below you will find a selection, covering a variety of topics, from simple introductions to an entire 2-hr long playlist on the 7 Hermetic Principles. Nice to have you here. Please do enjoy!

Introduction to the Master Key System

In this video I’m giving you 10 min rundown on the Master Key System, so that you have a fairly good idea what you are letting yourself in for.
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Top reasons for using the Master Key System

If you are new here, watch this 21 min video and get a good idea on why you should be studying the Master Key System. This and the one above are providing you with a great overview of this fantastic teaching.
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The Master Key System – how you apply it effectively (2013)

Students often ask me how the Master Key System can be applied in their daily lives – it’s almost as if it’s too abstract for them. In this 2013 video I tackle this subject and provide ample tips on how to get the most of it.
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The Law of Attraction (2013) – All you need to know

While busy with some German videos, I also created this English version talking about the Law of Attraction, and the important things you need to know in order to get into alignment with it.
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Not AWESOME yet? Here’s HOW in only 9 simple steps!

For absolute beginners, here’s a really quick guide on becoming AWESOME in 9 simple steps. Pay attention to each of them, for this is the way consciousness and reality-creation work. More on that below in another video.
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The hallmarks of a Master Key System Insider

In this video I’m talking about the qualities of a Master Key System Insider, and what sets him/her apart from oblivious to this great teaching.
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How to supercharge your business performance using proven techniques

The Master Key System is a great tool for any company striving for excellence and a sustainable business operation.
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Harness the tremendous power of thought

Thought is creative. The more conscious you are, the more you are able to detach yourself from your Ego and use your Mind to accomplish great things.
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How Creation works

Here’s a brief run-down on how Creation works, and how you can tap into the awesome potential that is waiting for you to be called into life, and made real.
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The 7 Laws of Creation (2013)

A series of videos explaining the 7 Hermetic Principles in very simple and practical terms. These principles form the basis for the Master Key System, hence their importance for any serious MKS student.
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SEVEN – Your Key to Success! (2011)

Recorded at a talk of mine on 28 October 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa, where I delved into the 7 hermetic principles, the 7 wheels of light, the seven sacred sounds, and the 7 days of creation.
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The study course Helmar Rudolph is offering is an excellent complement to the Master Key System. It is helping me to have a much deeper, richer understanding of Haanel's work, and gives me the encouragement and support to actually apply the principles in my life!
Alex Mathieson