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Open yourself to this age-old wisdom, and reap rewards like never before. Learn to apply the Master Key System using Helmar Rudolph's study service and premium workbook.

The Master Key BrainCharger Workbook


Master Key BrainCharger Inside View
Accompanying the newly released Master Key System Centenary Edition is the Master Key BrainCharger, a Premium MKS Student Workbook. On 156 pages you will find extensive introductory comments for each of the 24 parts, plus a comprehensive checklist, tips, exercises and book recommendations, all laid out in a nice and fresh format.

Even if you already possess a Master Key System book or ebook, this Workbook is a valuable addition for any serious MKS student.

The book is now available for $27.00.

Buy NOW from!

Buy from!

Please note: There are no “missing” parts 25-28  of the Master Key System – and never have. They are taken verbatim from Chapter 11-14 from Charles Haanel’s “A Book about You”.

About the Author

Helmar RudolphSince 2007, Helmar has been working on the forefront of consciousness research. He translated the Master Key System into German, and made it his mission to keep this age-old wisdom in the public's eye. Every year he holds countless talks, lecture and seminars in front of a worldwide audience. His own products and services extend and expand on the Master Key System, and help obtain health, wealth and happiness.View all posts by Helmar Rudolph

  1. Young

    Hi Rudolph

    I would like to do the course and order book. Pse forward more info on program.


    Young Carr

    • Helmar

      Replied via email. Thank you so much for your interest in the Master Key System.

  2. Jochua

    What software do you use to make ebook-Covers? It looks really nice.


    • Helmar Rudolph
      Helmar Rudolph08-15-2013

      Hi Jochua,
      I am using eCover Suite Elite and the cheaper eCover Black Pack, although they both suffers from minor quality faults and sometimes faulty actions. In general they’re great packages, for which you will need Adobe Photoshop. If you don’t have it, install a trial version of Photoshop Elements 11, featuring “Photoshop actions”, which all those ebook covers are based on.

      PS: There’s also eCoverGo and Cover Action Pro, which is top of the range, but also quite pricey.

      PPS: Also have a look at Photoshop Action Scripts, which also makes a good impression.

  3. R Williams
    R Williams11-17-2013

    Are your books downloadable?

  4. pankaj

    sir, i am in lesson 2 kindly help me to understand the practice of the lesson 2 that how to inhibit all thoughts.. does it means to concentrate on only one thought and feel the emotion. does i understand right or there is some thing more i have to learn for perfect inhibit of thoughts.

    Thank you ,

    • Helmar Rudolph
      Helmar Rudolph04-10-2014

      Inhibiting all thought means slowing down, becoming aware, and eventually stopping thought. In essence: it’s about thought control, because that builds on top of the “physical control” you learnt in the previous chapter, and is the precursor for “physical relaxation” you will learn in chapter 3. It’s an awareness exercise to “show” you what you are thinking, as most thoughts go unnoticed. So this teaches you to observe your thoughts, and stop those that don’t serve you.

  5. Pankaj Jain
    Pankaj Jain08-03-2016

    I started Practicing Master Key System, 3 days before, yet i am practicing for 30 min per day and after 10-20 min i feel my body still and relax.
    i only want to know am i going right in practicing ex 1.

    thank you for your help

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The study course Helmar Rudolph is offering is an excellent complement to the Master Key System. It is helping me to have a much deeper, richer understanding of Haanel's work, and gives me the encouragement and support to actually apply the principles in my life!
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