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New Year’s Master Key System business (w)rap


My friend Roland Suljic just messaged me on Facebook, and we got chatting about how we can get the Master Key System into businesses. We spoke about the angst of business people of failing to perform, and all the consequences that would have in their lives.

“Weird,” I thought, “the entire economy is really all built on a desire to serve and wanting to create – in other words, to make a difference – counter-balanced by a massive dose of fear, because being out of job to most folks means being out of existence.” Roland then asked: “So what if a particular deadline isn’t met?”, hinting that it’s anything but the end of the world, yet signifying how deeply engrained fear really is – and not only in the commercial world.

So as I have a rather active mind, I pictured myself giving a “suit” an elevator pitch about the Master Key System, and before 10 minutes were over I had come up with this rap. It’s my first, so bear with me, but do enjoy!

It was a Monday morning straight outta hell
At least that’s how it felt as far as I could tell
That corporate suit and I had a date
But I thought to myself, let me tempt my fate


So all you want is an elevator pitch
But I tell you brother, that’s one mother of a ditch
By the time you’re up, you’ll sure have a stroke
So come, let me pull the angst outta you bloke


And I took him by the hand and showed him the way
He looked at me surprised coz it wasn’t all gray
In manysplendid colours I described to him
How Creation works wonders and how it’s at his whim


There is no need to panic and no need to control
After all you’re playing just another role
And if you listen well and heed what I say
You will never ever more be led astray


So I told him ’bout the laws, and I told about the mind
That we all can live life better with solutions we find
And tune into that which was laid us before
So much cannot but lead to much more


A mild form of panic beset his blood-shot eyes
His synapses fried to a crisp and right thru the lies
But then he opened up and said ‘you are right,
there is no need to struggle or to fight’


If we all pull together and stop that stupid shit
Life will be so much better in a heartbeat and a bit
So tell me quickly, man, where can I learn more
’bout the Master Key System, come bring it to the fore


And I said, cool bru, just check that URL
There’s much more to learn that I’m able to tell
After six months or more you may or not be thru
But able to tell the false from the true


So don’t hesitate and take that step
While I continue havin’ fun with this rap
About love and life and how awesome it can be
Til the last living soul with his heart can see.

(c) 2012 Helmar Rudolph

Image courtesy of, featuring Dzumo, an up and coming German “rapper”.

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