New Master Key System YouTube channel

New Master Key System YouTube channel


For many years there has only been one YouTube channel for videos in two languages. Obviously, this wouldn’t appeal to everyone, never mind it being less efficient. So this is a quick note to tell you about my new Mr Master Key YouTube channel, featuring exclusively English language videos.

Originally, the “Mr. Master Key” brand wasn’t intended to be used for anything German. I had the North- and South-American market in mind, but history had different plans. With the 2009 liquidation of the publishing company that brought the first German translation of the Master Key System to the market, and in which I was one of the directors, there was an urgent need to create something new, hence the “Mr. Master Key” brand born. As I had registered the “” domain in 2007 already, it was the most obvious choice. The idea behind “Mr. Master Key” I pinched from Joe Vitale, who has been featuring in “The Secret” and who’s been marketing himself as “Mr. Fire”.

First and foremost “Mr. Master Key” was born to represent Charles Haanel, who wrote four more books after the Master Key System, but was known the best for his first publication. Over time, I blended more and more into it, and I guess now it’s Charles and I together, keeping the spirit of the Master Key System alive both in the English- and German-speaking world. I am sure he doesn’t mind. 🙂

As my main focus was (and still is) on the German-speaking market, it was obvious that all new material would be published using that brand. This included my YouTube videos, of which I have published almost 200 (as of November 2015) over the years, and the channel has grown from strength to strength.

Earlier this year, I created a new channel, featuring English videos only. In popularity, this channel is dwarfed by the original one, which by now has over 2 million views and just under 10.000 (!) subscribers. I have transferred all relevant videos to it – all 42 of them – and today published the latest one, which I believe is the most important video ever published on YouTube: “Thinking the Unthinkable”, bringing the total to 43, with more in the making, now that I have once again returned to the beautiful South African shores. 🙂

As I am in the process of creating a new Master Key System study service, and as I would like to post more English news anyway, I will most likely merge this site with the newly developed site. So, exciting news ahead, with much more life and obviously benefit for you, the dedicated and earnest MKS student. Until then…

Enjoy and prosper!


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Helmar RudolphSince 2007, Helmar has been working on the forefront of consciousness research. He translated the Master Key System into German, and made it his mission to keep this age-old wisdom in the public's eye. Every year he holds countless talks, lecture and seminars in front of a worldwide audience. His own products and services extend and expand on the Master Key System, and help obtain health, wealth and happiness.View all posts by Helmar Rudolph

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The study course Helmar Rudolph is offering is an excellent complement to the Master Key System. It is helping me to have a much deeper, richer understanding of Haanel's work, and gives me the encouragement and support to actually apply the principles in my life!
Alex Mathieson