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NEW: Cloudwalk – A Musical Journey Through The Master Key System

Cloudwalk - A Musical Journey Through The Master Key System

Cloudwalk – A Musical Journey Through The Master Key System. Music by Gulan, compiled by Helmar Rudolph. Only US$18.00.

It’s a great pleasure to announce “Cloudwalk”, the world’s first ever Master Key System audio CD. No, not a new audio book, but a musical journey through the Master Key System. This 72 minute CD features 11 tracks and is now available via CreateSpace, and soon now also via Amazon. How did this all come about? Allow me to tell you the story.

The birth of a Master Key System audio CD

For a long time now I’ve had the idea of turning the Master Key System into music. After a number of searches for suitable music, it was a lucky day for me when I found a link to a Youtube video on my Facebook wall. I followed it, listened to the track, and was amazed. Deep meditation music, just the way I envisaged it for my purpose – at least part of it.

I clicked the link to the musician, and found the Latvian master artist and composer, Gulan. I then listened to some samples and ended up buying a number of his albums online. An email to him followed suit, outlining my idea. Gulan was totally excited! In a heartbeat he agreed to join me on this project and sent me his remaining CDs.

Then a lengthy selection process started. First I had to listen to all his tracks and check them for suitability. This alone took weeks, but with every day a playlist crystalized and finally took shape. Several more weeks passed before a final track selection had been identified. Gulan shortened some tracks, because only 72 minutes were allowed.

I then did the artwork, using a beautiful photo of high level clouds, taken from the plane by my nephew, Gunther Rudolph, while he was on his way from London, England, to Johannesburg, South Africa. After a final proof and some minor corrections to the cover artwork, I OK’d the project and thus set it live.

The jewel case CD is now available for only $18.00 at CreateSpace. By the middle of July it will also be Now it is available on Amazon, both in CD and MP3 format.

About the Cloudwalk CD

This is a very personal CD. I compiled the tracks in such a way that they constitute a journey through the Master Key System. One introductory track sets the pace, before falling off into a soup of primordial space sounds, which become more and more real with every track. After a first awakening and enlightenment, it falls off again into deep meditation music, only to come alive yet again towards the end and finish with a lovely finale. More details about the tracks can be found on the 2-page booklet inside.

The CD should not be listened to while driving or operating machinery. However, the day the proof arrived in my letterbox, I couldn’t help but put it in the car on my way to pick up a friend. I must say that I’m often listening to meditation-like tracks when driving long distance, so this wasn’t new to me. I cranked up the volume and enjoyed track after track, although I’ve listened to it so many times before in the production process. It’s an awesome CD that is as deep and profound as it is motivating and uplifting.

If you know the Master Key System, you will easily match the tracks to the chapters, or rather the thread that runs through it. I have no scientific proof (yet), but I would not be surprised if extended listening to this CD will result in permanent, positive changes in the listener. But grab that CD now, and let me know what you think of it.

It’s been an absolute pleasure creating it, and it’s been an even greater pleasure working with Gulan, who’s been incredibly supportive in making this project happen. May you enjoy Cloudwalk, as it allows you to walk in the clouds, on a higher level of existence!

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  1. Klaus

    Hallo, das klingt alles ganz großartig und ich wollte die CD als MP3-Downloads kaufen. Leider endete dieses Abenteuer via dann wie folgt:

    “We are sorry… We could not process your order. The sale of MP3 Downloads is currently available only to US customers located in the United States. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. ”

    Gibts irgendeine Chance, die MP3 zu kaufen?

    Vielen Dank!

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