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Unique and exclusive Master Key System music

I’ve commissioned Jandy Rainbow from Unison Therapy in Melbourne, Australia, to create transformative audio track for Part 1 of the Master Key System, using Solfeggio frequencies as a base. This is the first time the MKS has been combined with Solfeggio frequencies and transformative audio and thus enters a new dimension of aural information exchange. But be alerted: it’s not just sound, but has a profound effect on you. Just in case you’re wondering what it did to you after listening to it. The first part, which is a base for breaking old patterns and facilitating change, intuitively with love is here for you to download and enjoy. It’s an MP3 file and about 25mb in size.

Download MP3

Here’s a word from Jandy:

“I did add a little binaural beat, in a low Alpha speed of 8Hz; I have it fading in and out, so it is good for any beginners to this stimulation. As this track is in the Solfeggio scale, it can be played with or without headphones. However, to get the full effect, stereo headphones are recommended if you are after the binaural benefits. The phantom binaural tone / binaural frequency is 174Hz at 8Hz and it fades in and out constantly during the track. This binaural beat is made by combining 170Hz & 178Hz = phantom tone 174Hz.”

I’d be delighted to have your feedback for this audio track.

The 7 Hermetic Principles / The Kybalion

Hermes Trismegistos (The Thrice Great) allegedly walked the earth for a staggering 50.000 years. After Atlantis sank, he and his fellows arrived in what is now Egypt, where they were greeted by hairy barbarians. Thoth, as he was called then (the person with the Ibis head, the scribe) then built what became the high civilisation of Egypt.

To him we owe seven principles (rules of life), also called “Hermetic principles”. They are:

1. Mentality
2. Correspondence
3. Vibration
4. Rhythm
5. Polarity
6. Cause and Effect
7. Gender

You are welcome to read up a more abstract and intellectual version of this in a book called “Kybalion”, which was published early last century by “The Three Initiates”, although the style points to one person in particular, that being William Walker Atkinson.

These seven principles are significant for us in that they govern our entire life. In fact, they govern all of creation. So if we learn to align ourselves with those principles, our life will become a symphony of harmony, beauty, health, abundance and happiness. Isn’t it worth making the effort in acquainting yourself with them?

I have made this download available, because these principles are the foundation to the Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel. He mentions some of them in the MKS, but not explicitly and conjointly.

Your knowledge of those principles will elevate you to new levels in life, because not only do you see it with completely different eyes, but they will help you to fulfil your life’s destiny.

Download the “Kybalion”

Cloudwalk – A musical journey through the Master Key System

It has always been my dream to intonate the Master Key System, allowing it to transcend language and cultural barriers. In May 2012 I eventually released “Cloudwalk”, a 72 minute CD with tracks by the Latvian composer and musician, Gulan.

This compilation is a journey through the MKS. It’s electronic music, so not everyone’s cup of tea, and neither was it mine. But if you allow yourself to open up and submerge in Gulan’s sublime yet powerful arrangements, you will be taken on an amazing journey from the early days of the universe all the way down to conscious co-creation on Planet Earth. Below is a sample of the CD that you can purchase for only $18.00 USD at or

Download MP3 (6:50)

The study course Helmar Rudolph is offering is an excellent complement to the Master Key System. It is helping me to have a much deeper, richer understanding of Haanel's work, and gives me the encouragement and support to actually apply the principles in my life!
Alex Mathieson