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Law of Attraction tips – a new video with Helmar Rudolph


It’s been quite a while since I last created an English-language video. While recording two new German-language ones to replace some very popular ones on Youtube, I also recorded this new one, providing some “Law of Attraction tips” from the perspective of the Master Key System.

In chapter 5, point 8, Charles Haanel tells us what the Law of Attraction brings us, namely our own. This, however, is in most cases not really “our own”, but something that was imprinted on us in our early childhood years. That’s when the conscious mind wasn’t fully active, and the Watchman at the Gate couldn’t reject those pieces of information that weren’t in accordance with the truth. This way we got shaped without our interference, only to find out many years later that something went wrong.

This video on law of attraction tips is aimed at beginners, but it’s also a nice refresher for seasoned Master Key System students. Please enjoy!

Law of Attraction Tips by Helmar Rudolph

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