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Interview with Helmar Rudolph on Dawn of Truth


It’s been a long time since I posted an update, but I’ve been far from idle. This blog entry mainly serves to point you to an interview I gave Simon Robinson of “Dawn of Truth”, but also tell you about the goodies that are yet to come. Thanks for reading.

The Master Key System on Dawn of Truth

Two weeks ago I was approached by Simon Robinson of Dawn of Truth who asked if I would be willing to answer a few questions about the Master Key System for him. At the time I was on the road and only able to do this now. The interview is now online and ready for your enjoyment! Feel free to comment on that page or right here.

What’s been cooking on my side in the past months…

As you will know and appreciate, most of my efforts are directed at the German-speaking market. The vast majority of videos I publish are in German, but every now and then I throw an English one in for good measure. In some way I would love to publish more English material, but the time for it hasn’t come yet.

Last year I started working on the German website, which was due for a major overhaul. It was based on the same theme this one is using, but it became too limiting in terms of shopping and updates, as most of the code it used was written by myself.

In February I then undertook the mammoth task of implementing a new theme, new code, new plug-ins – pretty much everything changed.

Then it was time again to prepare for my trip to Europe. In June, I held the 4th MKS seminar on Mallorca, Spain, to much success. While taking it very easy on the talks/seminar front by deciding not to give any this year other than the June one, I recorded a number of new videos. The one about guilt and fear I have embedded below.

Another one about “I am successful” is going to follow shortly.

At the same time I have commissioned a software company in Mongolia to completely redo the “Visual Master Key”. The current version is based on Flash, while the new one only uses web technology like Javascript, JSON, XML etc. The final version is yet to be released. It will first  appear in German, and then I have to see how easy it is to turn it into English.

I have also published a paperback version of the MKS in German, and the Russian edition of my 24-hr success book “Alles. Einfach.  Jetzt.” (Everything. Simple.  Now.) has seen a revamp in a 2nd edition.

I am now putting the final touches on a new “Centenary Edition” in German, which combines the Master Key System contents with my complete commentary. This will be released as a hardccover book some time in October.

Up next: Merging this site into

Because of the dearth of news and content in English, I have decided to “nuke” this site and merge it with the German one. I am not yet sure if this is going to be a good idea, because there’s bound to be some German content sneaking in involuntarily. However, in order to have more English content and to give the site more weight, I will take this step.

Image of the website

You see, I’ve been anything but sitting idle and waiting for whatnot. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and for shining ever so brightly! Keep on going!


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  1. Simon Robinson
    Simon Robinson09-25-2016

    Thanks once again for the interview and best wishes for your future plans.

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