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Important notice to new MKS book owners


Dear new MKS book owners,

I have accidentally deleted a number of your study service membership requests. If you haven’t heard back from me yet (and your account hasn’t been verified, thus no access to the study service material), please resubmit your request or let me know via email. For some unknown reason I am also not getting new membership request notifications, hence the delay. I am working on the issue.

Thanks so much for your understanding and patience,


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Helmar RudolphSince 2007, Helmar has been working on the forefront of consciousness research. He translated the Master Key System into German, and made it his mission to keep this age-old wisdom in the public's eye. Every year he holds countless talks, lecture and seminars in front of a worldwide audience. His own products and services extend and expand on the Master Key System, and help obtain health, wealth and happiness.View all posts by Helmar Rudolph

  1. jay Miree
    jay Miree12-05-2015

    Please include me on your list. Thank you

    • Helmar Rudolph
      Helmar Rudolph06-27-2016

      There is no list as suh, but you are welcome to subscribe to the RSS feed. This site will be merged with the German one shortly, so that it stays more up-to-date than now.

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The study course Helmar Rudolph is offering is an excellent complement to the Master Key System. It is helping me to have a much deeper, richer understanding of Haanel's work, and gives me the encouragement and support to actually apply the principles in my life!
Alex Mathieson