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How to get the Master Key System book in South Africa


The Master Key System Centenary Edition Inside ViewJust a quick follow-up on this morning’s talk on The Taxi with Soli Philander…

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the Master Key System Centenary Edition, which I have prepared and am publishing here in South Africa, please use the contact form to get in touch with me. The book costs R200. S&H is R25. I will then send you the EFT details and pop it in the post as soon as I have your address and proof of purchase.

As the Master Key System gains momentum in South Africa, there will be more outlets carrying it, thus making it easier to obtain a copy. You can also get editions by US publishers through Exclusive Books or Wordsworth. With mine, however, I placed emphasis on easy reading and understanding, plus added numerous comments and annotations, as you may have already seen on this website and can see by clicking on the image above.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Once again, just in case you forgot: the Master Key System is not a book, but a 24-week course that you will do in the comfort of your own home. My study service for only €59.00 (about R600) will give you two emails a week, plus a video with an average duration of about 25-30 minutes, explaining, summarizing and just helping you learn and understand faster and more comprehensively.

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Helmar RudolphSince 2007, Helmar has been working on the forefront of consciousness research. He translated the Master Key System into German, and made it his mission to keep this age-old wisdom in the public's eye. Every year he holds countless talks, lecture and seminars in front of a worldwide audience. His own products and services extend and expand on the Master Key System, and help obtain health, wealth and happiness.View all posts by Helmar Rudolph

  1. Gerrit Reinertz
    Gerrit Reinertz12-13-2012

    Hi Helmar,

    I am living at the West Coast, Jacobsbaai, RSA. How can I get a copy of your book asap.


    Gerrit Reinertz

    • Helmar

      Dear Gerrit,

      the Master Key System book can currently be obtained from me personally. I have sent you an email with the purchase details and a request for your postal address. Welcome to the MKS! Nice to have you onboard!

      Kind regards,


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The study course Helmar Rudolph is offering is an excellent complement to the Master Key System. It is helping me to have a much deeper, richer understanding of Haanel's work, and gives me the encouragement and support to actually apply the principles in my life!
Alex Mathieson