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Open yourself to this age-old wisdom, and reap rewards like never before. Learn to apply the Master Key System using Helmar Rudolph's study service and premium workbook.

Cape Town talk on 6 May 2014: “The End of all Secrets”


The Centre of Spiritual Philosophy presents: Helmar Rudolph (“Mr Master Key”):

“The End Of All Secrets & The Rise Of The Divine Self”

‘The Master Key System’: Unlock your life’s full potential and be the master of your world within – Uncover tools for overcoming adversity and achieving success in every area of your life.

Helmar Rudolph in Fish Hoek, Cape Town

Having fun in Fish Hoek with the South-Easter – March 2014

Place: 8 Solomons Road, Sea Point, Cape Town
Date: Tuesday, 6 May 2014
Time: 19:15 for 19:45. Ends 21:00
Admission: R40

In the midst of World War I, a high-ranking Freemason and successful businessman was allegedly expelled from the Masonic Lodge in St. Louis, Missouri. His crime: breach of silence.

Charles F. Haanel, who held doctorates in Psychology, Medicine and Electronics, had just published “The Master Key System“, and with it everything Masons held near and dear. In this self-study course of 24 chapters he explained the creative process, in other words: how to make dreams come true with scientific accuracy – and therefore live a life on higher planes.

Fast forward to 2006: Rhonda Byrne had just published “The Secret”. One of the books mentioned in the movie was “The Master Key System.” One winter’s night, German-born Marketing and IT consultant, Helmar Rudolph, who has been living in Cape Town since 1993, made his way to the Labia to watch it. A while later he visited Byrne’s website, and found a reference to the Master Key System. Realising there was no German version he decided to translate it.

Seven years later, Helmar had sold over 50.000 copies of the book, created his own range of products and services around the MKS, given over 100 lectures on 3 continents, and reached nearly 1.000.000 views on Youtube. He had become “Mr. Master Key”, the man who keeps Charles Haanel’s spirit alive, and who ensures that as many people as possible come into the enjoyment of their divine birth right.

Helmar is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring speakers worldwide. His razor-sharp mind and witty sense of humour is paired with deep insight into the subject and beyond. No one is better suited than him to explain how to make turn adversity into advantage; how to turn loss into gain; and how to turn sadness or depression into joy and happiness.

Click on the flyer to see and save a larger version to send to friends and family

Click on the flyer to see and save a larger version to send to friends and family

Hearing him speak not only helps you understand yourself so much better, but he also hands you the “Master Key”, which you can then apply in your own life.

Knowing how the Divine connects to the Individual on a physical plane is the coveted last secret, and with the Master Key, this too is revealed.

Come join us for this exciting and rare occasion, and get answers to all your pressing questions. Seats are limited, so book now to reserve yours.

Tel: 021 439 6005
Email: (Sylvia Katz)

A security car guard (Herbie) will be in attendance or Park at Spar Garage. Stamp your parking ticket at the centre (R5) Park for as long as you want without charge at the garage.

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Helmar RudolphSince 2007, Helmar has been working on the forefront of consciousness research. He translated the Master Key System into German, and made it his mission to keep this age-old wisdom in the public's eye. Every year he holds countless talks, lecture and seminars in front of a worldwide audience. His own products and services extend and expand on the Master Key System, and help obtain health, wealth and happiness.View all posts by Helmar Rudolph

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The study course Helmar Rudolph is offering is an excellent complement to the Master Key System. It is helping me to have a much deeper, richer understanding of Haanel's work, and gives me the encouragement and support to actually apply the principles in my life!
Alex Mathieson